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Off topic slightly

The subject of music being better on Snes.The snes was still only producing chip music from a very excellent chip.The limit being that although you could get some absolutely fine instrument sounds from the very decent hardware, it stll wasn't real sounds you could work with.Not a worry quite honestly to some and lets face it, the snes had some remarkable tunes, but working with synthetic sounds isn't all that nice when you want a rich sound.Turrican 2 and Chris Huelsbeck's work not only showed great understanding of tune but also how delightful this can sound - i imagine his time working on console was just a massive pain

Castlevania does however demonstrate that you could still achieve a very classic sound at least on Snes but this wasn't the case for the most

Chords of course of 3 or more notes could be on just the one track on Amiga and of course Chris Huelsbeck developed his own 8 track

After so long hearing certain instruments on Snes, i'm fairly sure if i were writing music for one that i would crave to have a more authentic drum or a better body string sound that you could quite easily manage from Amiga.It wasn't perhaps as entirely crystal sound you always got when compared to the Snes but the quality Amiga stuff wasn't really noticably hissed

In a similar way to how games were made on console, it strikes me some of the top Snes devs didn't use bedroom tunesmiths and rather real pros - not all of it obviously

Amiga had a lot of bedroom music writers and that showed through heavily with the demos - not always were these tunes in the sense they followed a typical type structure - great though they were of course.Most musicians i would guess were self taught on Amiga with a few exceptions and i would guess that a higher number of Japanese music talent was not

I personally think Amiga music sounded better as it was more thumping generally with hard drums and heavy guitars a lot of the time, but also because there were some excellent tunes of course

Snes stuff was more proffesionally written (obviously a lot of it was also bedroom) when it came to the impressive tunes from a Mario or Zelda, Starfox(brilliantly orchestrated), Secret of Mana, Fzero.Some truly glorious stuff for the machine, but in truth it was really only the most talented of composers(Nintendo, Square music guys etc) that demonstrated how a great sound chip combined with real talent could excell this side of things.Otherwise what you usually had was typically excellent yet limited arcade style ditties half the time or almost half hearted bedroom stuff.Tim Follin of course had a great understanding for chip music and music itself and did some great stuff despite i'd imagine not being classically trained in any sense - at least going by his music

Snes sound was really good and better in fact if you look at it one way.On the whole though you could do much more with Amiga's soundtracks to the point that it could sound very almost entirely real - synthetic sound just can't manage that regardless of how well orchestrated it might be

Both very good systems

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