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Originally Posted by StarEye View Post
What game is that from?
Tales of Phantasia. A JAP-only game, so better get an SFC and learn Japanese.

Originally Posted by Hungry Horace View Post
yes. go and watch the intro to onEscapee and you may realise the Amiga paula sound can do anything you need it to. It is simply down to the application / usage.
The chip itself, maybe, but the Amiga hardware doesn't take 100% use of its capabilities... Imagine SPC700 with 1024kB memory... See?
Even though you can crunch up paula to over 50kHz, 12-bit 2 channel, it WILL sound a bit rubbish. I've played several 44kHz high-quality WAVs on my Amiga 1200 for testing. It sure is good for being such an old chip, but it's not anything special. Besides, we're pretty much discussing the game music, aren't we?
I'll take a look at onEscapee and see how it sounds. Will give honest report.

EDIT: Wow.. That's actually class!
How is that even possible? Well, it's Amiga CD - are you sure it's not different in the sound design somehow?

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