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Dan Locke, I appreciate you don't drag me into this, especially when you claim I said something I didn't.

To quote my full post:

And how many platform games outside of Sonic and Mario series are so much better than the Amiga platformers? I keep hearing this, but I can't remember any really great platformers outside of these. And if anyone says Donkey Kong Country - that's one game that's really close to a typical Amiga platformer game.

Seriously, the Amiga platformers are more typical western or european type games. It really depends on what you like. I loved games like Chuck Rock 2 (gameplay was better than the first game), Super Frog, Giana Sisters, Parasol Stars (not a scrolling platformer, but still), Rainbow Islands, Soccer Kid, Yo! Joe!. These are all brilliant. And to those who say Super Frog is a bad game - have you ever played past the initial forest world? It's when you enter the castle and the indoor locations it's really picking up. Brilliant levels, great atmosphere. It's reminds me of Switchblade 2 and Bowser's castles in Mario (but without just going from left to right).
Where did I say the Amiga had better platformers?
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