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Dan Locke - do you ever just let people have a differing opinion to you? You have done this on LemonAmiga as well, and i really dont see what you are trying to gain? Stating your thoughts / opinions is one thing, arguing the toss over every little thing you dont see eye-to-eye with is quite another.

FYI i noticed in your Amiga specs above you missed off AGA completely because... ? you dont like it and dont consider it an amiga?

Also i'd like to say i agree with StarEye that games like Rainbow Islands, New Zealand Story, Bubble Bobble (and other similars) are all Amiga titles, since they are on the amiga. Discussing "original only" titles only is pretty pointless, given the amount of variation in the same title from platform-to-platform. It would also leave us with very few "Amiga" titles at all.

There are hundreds of other things here i would love to comment on, but as TCD has pointed out, the thread is so far off the rails now that there really isnt any point.

it was all very well summed up for me here;

Originally Posted by Retro-Nerd
Sorry, no comment this time. It speaks for itself. This generalized phrase is ridiculous, and "Fanboys" is the first word i usually hear if somebody lacks good arguments.
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