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Originally Posted by Hungry Horace View Post

just played Robocod for a decent stint for the first time in many many years, and have to say i think it still holds up as a really enjoyable game.
Aah, yes!
Robocod 2 (if you mean that one) is for sure a classic. All the funny stages, and places to explore. Robocod is one of the games I spent the most time with as a child.

Originally Posted by Dan Locke View Post
SNES has:

32768-color palette
256 colors in Modes 3 and 4, 128 in Mode 7
Hardware support for transparencies
Hardware support for four layers of independent parallax scrolling
128 sprites
8 16-bit sample-based sound channels
Don't forget to mention more about SPC700 (sound chips in SNES)! It was made in 1989 by Sony (yep, in fact).
The SNES' sound capabilites has hardware echo filtering, hardware surround, 8 bit 8 tap FIR... All mixed in stunning 32kHz.
Only 64kB of sound RAM though, but still...! If you think "lolz SNES sound sucks", then take a listen to the music in these games:
- Tales of Phantasia
- Chrono Trigger
- Secret of Mana
- Final Fantasy IV
- Final Fantasy V


Wtf man... Make a decision.... First of, the SNES does have a huge library of games with wonderfully composed music - just as the Amiga had.
And when it comes to comparing sound quality, the SNES if for sure a winner. 64kB sound RAM doesn't meen it "suxx". You can let the SPC700 CPU itself stream new samples every now and then, and there are a lot of techniques. The SNES' sound has its own sound RAM, sound DSP and sound CPU. Yes, as you might have guessed, it works very well alone, indepedent of the CPU usage. Tales of Phantasia used a technique to overcome the RAM issue, and even had high-quality vocals (!) in its game.
When it comes to comparing the music itself, melody, progression, chords.. Now that's subjective! You're fooled by your own nostalgy, time to face the truth before it face you.
This discussion is getting very objective instead of subjective... Stop acting like retards, we have different opinions, because we're humans. We're all different.. I'm 19 and I still see that this is getting hilariously fanboyish. They're both good sounding, and SINCE WHEN did fewer sound channels (which means limitation) mean better composers..? That's nonsense...

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