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Whilst I often dream of "what if?" situations where the Amiga and Atari ST were still active along with the PC and the Mac, i accept that the future is sadly, likely to remain as is.

The Mac is lucky to survive frankly, and its future is by no means secure. Still, you have to admire Apple for surviving by making the huge leaps necessary to keep up with the monotonous advance of the dreaded PC, the jump from the 68k series to PowerPC and the OS leap from 9 to the more UNIX based OSX are testimant to it.

Unlike any of the owners of the Amiga, particularly CBM.
A read in the following page makes for PAINFUL reading...

The Amiga and Atari series fundamentally messed up with the A1200 and the Falcon. Neither were the leap ahead of the PC as their illustrious forebearers were.
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