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Originally Posted by Dan Locke View Post
How do I "have no clue about hardware"?

No you don't, you seem to have a hangup about more channels automatically means better sound, and you've deliberately misquoted me again, because I CLEARLY made the distinction that whilst the SNES had 16bit and 4 more channels, it was hampered by its lack of ram to do anything like the hardware was capable of.

And the Amiga didn't "rely on its sound processor"? Wha..?

Amiga music on the whole didn't rely on sound from the processor, PAULA was used to play samples, i.e. not limited to what the hardware could produce.

More like a 4-MB petrol tank.

Megabit or Megabyte? Console owners love to get that one confused!

Because they wanted to fill their 4-MB cartridges with stuff besides music?

You gave the example not me, I simply countered it, quite effectively it would seem!

Didn't [i]what[i]? Use all of the ROM to hold music?

Yawn, been over this!

I didn't; I said that RAM is irrelevant because it ran everything straight from the cartridge ROM. If the Amiga loaded its programs at the speed of light, it certainly wouldn't need 512k to play games with lots of loading time to sit through.

Did consoles REALLY run EVERYTHING from ROM on the cartridges? I politely suggest you get yourself informed, whats the point of VRAM if it'll just run it from ROM??

How so?

I listen to Amiga modules quite frequently, so I know all about the "skills of the musician". What I was saying was that a musician needs a HECK of a lot more skill to make decent music on the Amiga than he does on the SNES.

And yet the Amiga is blessed with thousands upon thousands of modules and TFMX tunes that precisely demonstrate just how much skill Amiga musicians had, because they sure as hell sound better than most of the stuff on the SNES.. You seem adroitly capable of forgetting that the Amiga was a machine ANYONE could get involved and create something, hence the plethora of BETTER sounding music on Amiga. Damn that machine and its lousy 8bit 4 channel sound!

Wikipedia? How about my hardcover copy of On the Edge?

You'll have to do better than that i'm afraid, that book is a little too generic in its figures. Fact is, the Amiga 500 outsold the Atari 520 STfm by quite a margin before the their time was up, not even bothering to lump in the A500+ and the A600. Your book (hardcover or otherwise!) puts in ST, STF, STFM, STE, 520, 1040, Mega, and i'm pretty sure it even lumps in TT sales as being 'ST' as well.

And what I said was that that's no excuse for lower game quality.

I didn't say it was, I was merely explaining that the turnaround on Amiga games was quicker, which goes back to the point you made a while ago about why Amiga games had such a short lifespan. Feel free to go re-read it, i'm of the mind I can't be arsed to repeat myself for your convenience.


I'm not interested in defending anyone else, i'm directly responding to you, no-one else. Do try and keep up now!

Great. My point is that the Amiga's library can't give a toss what you think about it.

Jesus wept, did you just goto pre-school to dig up that response?!?!?! What kind of childish bullshit was that?

And that's what Amiga Power said about Amiga platformers. What are you getting at?

Quite clearly, yet more platformers in a market oversaturated with platformers is not welcome, I would have thought that was abundantly obvious, but if your want is to subsist on a diet of only platformers and shoot-em-ups with the odd RPG, be my guest, thats my idea of a lack of originality, and an audience that is as banal as it is easily pleased.... or so they think!

Yeah, I'd be pretty deluded to think that a game company wouldn't share code with...itself.
But it wasn't just sofware companies, development teams disbanded, joined others, did they delete all their old code, or did they bring it along? What do you reckon to Aladdin, Lion King, Cool Spot, Global Gladiators? Its all the same bloody code, you think this was a rare occurence? Broaden your mind mate for gods sake!

Considering that Tiertex would still be worse, I thought that it was irrelevant.

Not really the point is it? That makes the suggestion that there were no bad developers on Genesis and SNES, and thats clearly not the case.

Why quote you in full when I can save space and streamline my post by only quoting what I respond to?

Because its deceitful. You selectively picking out sentences in a paragraph to question me on something that is only inferred by you snipping what I wrote. If you can't see a problem with that, I would suggest you read up on how to debate properly.
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