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Originally Posted by Dan Locke View Post
8 16-bit sound channels is inferior to 4 8-bit sound channels?! What are you smoking?!

Amiga can play 8 channels through software, and whilst you CLEARLY have no clue about hardware, its lovely the SNES had 4 extra channels and 16bit, but had to rely on its sound processor because memory was so tight. Nice! Thats like having a Cadillac with a V8 engine and a 1 litre petrol tank!!!

Guess why consoles had "paltry" RAM? THEY WERE CARTRIDGE-BASED. RAM is only useful if you have to keep stuff in memory after you've waited for it to load. You could completely fill a cartridge with music and the SNES would play it all.

Really? So why didn't they do that then? Was it because cartridges were horrendously expensive to produce and publishers didn't want the extra cost of having more ROM space on the cart? The fact it 'could' is irrelevant when they 'didnt'. And the SNES did have a paltry amount of ram, why would you even contest this?

And more sound channels ALWAYS sounds better. You can do real chords and have more than four instruments playing at once.

Really? What a load of ill informed bollocks frankly! I can pick out many, many, many 4 channel modules on Amiga that are STILL highly regarded today, because whilst you think its all about sound channels, sometimes the skills of the musician come into play... feel free to think that over sometime.

Funny, the thing that Jay Miner hated the most about Commodore was that it did a horrible job marketing the Amiga.

Because the European market was already more computer-focused? It's not rocket science. And the ST outsold the Amiga in Europe, so it obviously wasn't all about technical superiority.

Haha, no it didn't, you'll need to provide links for that, and i'm afraid anything from Wikipedia isn't taken seriously.


Unless you "worked in the games industry" from 1989 to 1994, I really couldn't care less. Besides, the point that you seem to be making is that increasing the quantity of games on a machine decreases the quantity of good ones, which the PS2 disproves.

I did work for the games industry during that time. I didn't say anything of the sort that more games equals less quality, what I did say was that the turnaround for an Amiga title was quicker, so clearly a developer doing an An Amiga game would then be able to start the next one quicker. Quite simple really!

On its own, yes, but not enough to substantiate a claim that the machine with 40 good platformers has a better platformer library than the machines with far more than that.

No one made that claim, the point I made was I couldn't give a toss if the Amiga had 80 or 1000 great platformers..... theres not enough derivation to get anything meaningful out of yet more platform games. It was a cluttered market that showed a wilful lack of innovation, the same games re-released with different graphics.... big yay!

Unless the game developers were all passing around their game code to share with each other, that's far from the truth.

Its not far from the truth at all, having worked in the industry, I think that qualifies me better than you to be confident i'm right. Many development teams on Amiga, SNES and Megadrive in Europe all were part of other development teams during their careers. David Perry of Shiny Entertainment fame, started out for Probe. Are you seriously suggesting that the likes of Ocean software that did a lot of games inhouse didn't code share? You're seriously deluded if you disagree with that.

So console games are all identical?

To quote you, "Tiertex on the Amiga would never have been allowed to get away with the same shit on Genesis or SNES." So you're basically saying that the Amiga had lower quality standards than the consoles did.

Did I say that? Or did I also offer to provide you with a list of shit Genesis / SNES developers? Next time you want to quote me, feel free to NOT be disingenous and have the decency to quote me in full or don't bother.

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