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Originally Posted by Retro-Nerd View Post
btw: Hülsbeck's/Thierolf's TFMX 8-track system with Hippels 7 voice replayer sounds much better than anything i've heard in SNES games, 8 16-bit sound channels or not.
I would absolutely love a link to that. This is almost as exciting as the time that I found out about 14-bit Paula sound. There's no way that it sounds better, though - it's just that the music was by Hülsbeck, who's really one of the greatest chip musicians of all time.

Originally Posted by plankton View Post
Why most? Do you mean there was at least one 8-bit machine that the Amiga was not superior to?
The C65 comes readily to mind, although it was unreleased. The 8-bit TurboGrafx also compares favorably to the Amiga, and is much better-suited for games.
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