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Dan Locke -

SNES sound was inferior by quite a large margin in comparison to the Amiga.

Sure the SNES had some good music, but time and time again the Amiga beat most stuff on any of the consoles of the day, having more sound channels but with a paltry amount of ram to play the music in? No thanks!

Its got nothing to do with Commodores marketing either, why is it the Amiga was embraced across the whole of Europe but not America? The Amiga was superior to most machines until the arrival of Saturn/PS1 etc.

Consoles had frequent releases, the Amiga games turnaround was a lot quicker. Take it from someone that worked in the games industry. Thats the point i'm making, I trust ive made it clear enough for you now?

Personally speaking, 40 platformers is decent enough. Just how many platformers does a machine need? Just how much variation is there between each different platformer? Not much, in fact quite a lot of Platformers on Genesis, SNES and Amiga were the same code as other platformers with simply changed graphics etc, the basic game remained the same. I'm afraid i'm really not that fussed if the Amiga doesn't have another 80+ games that play the same!

I conceeded the point only to say that there were some shit Amiga developers. I can provide you with a lengthy list of shit Genesis / SNES developers if you want your point to be nulled?

I assume nothing, I can only go on the scant information you provide
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