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Originally Posted by kolla View Post
>> but I hope you've really verified that my (icon.library 46.4) alpha version works without obvious bugs....
Well, here's something you probably know already - it doesnt work on 68000, at least on my minimig it simply fails to load
Well, that's a feature and not a bug! My libs and patches are always optimized for 68020+.

Please, ask Ratte and Doobrey for a copy of their v45.5 and then use IconBeFast to patch it. You will get v45.5.5 and that's the only exception where I substituted two 68020 instructions in IconBeFast with their 68000 equivalents. There's no speedloss because these instructions don't belong to the main loops. Just one additional remark: v45.5.5 still needs 2 kByte stack for its cache. Please use Minstack or StackAttack and in some rare cases you will even have to increase the stacksize manually. For example, when you try to load PlayCD automatically from CacheCDFS then edit the stacksize of the DosDrivers entry like CD0 from 600 to 4000 or the CD loading will freeze.
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