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Originally Posted by plankton View Post
It's no secret Sonic is built around speed but which sonic are we talking about now? I went through it chronologically from Master System sonic to Genesis ones and it was a big deal before there was Mega Drive with its scrolling advantage to snes (which may not even exist in the first place given that snes is better hardware)
I have played Sonic 1 and 2 on MD and completed Sonic on the Game Gear, so those are the ones I am basing my opinions on.

I know you're a Bitmap fan like myself. I played the demo of CE1 yesterday. Enemies are significantly faster than the retail version and I happened to run it in NTSC. It's safe to say that it was a rubbish experience compared to retail version because that kind of speed wasn't knowingly designed, it wasn't intentional and it did show. When done properly, it's no crime to base a title's gameplay on speed for the opposite result, like sega did with sonic.
I didn't say it was a crime to base a game on speed, but I do think that it's a bit gimmicky and doesn't deserve to be counted along with (what I consider to be) the pinnacle of the genre.

It's ok to dislike sonic but it's not a piece of shit like you claim.
Firstly, I don't even dislike Sonic (I certainly didn't claim it to be shit). My point was, as I say above, I think it's a bit generous to compare it to the Mario games. Take away Sonic's speed and you're left with a pretty mediocre game, although quite pretty. In fact, unless you are bollocking it through a level, it's controls are pretty sluggish.
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