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MakeCD crashes when going to Global Setting page

Hi all,

I recently decided to install my DataFlyer 1200 SCSI+ and have a play around with it. It was all going well until I decided to backup my workbench onto a CD.

I installed MakeCD 3.1 to do some testing, and this is where it all begins.... The problem being that that when MakeCD guides me to the settings page as part of the initial configuration the system crashes (error #8000000B).

Could it be that MakeCD does not like DataFlyer's ExpXDS.device perhaps? or could it be something else?

What is (was actually) the last MakeCD revision ? If there was one later than 3.1, could someone please upload to the zone please so that I can test ?

Thanks for your help.

Just installed MakeCD 3.2 and the same thing happens.

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