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You are partly correct

in that the CPU emulation for the Amiga takes a lot of processing power, but its a culmination of ALL of the processors that make the Amiga and the SNES a hard job to copy. Even on a super fast PC, the copper chip on Amiga because of its many different things it can do, takes loads of power to be effective.

In this instance, DC and Xbox have better graphics capabilities as standard to duplicate the effects.

My shitty 350Mhz PC plays Snes games pretty well...... Dreamcast is infinitely better than my stupid PC, and its not the fault of the Dreamcast that the SNES emulation and the N64 Emulation are not as good as they should.

The people who ported it over are most likely relying too much on the processor and not farming enough of the work over to the other processors.

If my PC can do the SNES, the Dreamcast is easily powerful enough to do it.

I don't believe that the Xbox could carry a perfect emulation of the Amiga A5oo, but the fact that it has a 'standard' hardware, would mean that you could have highly optimised drivers that are tailor coded for the XBox's graphics and sound processors.

That is part of WinUAE's problem, in that by design, it tries to work on as many different PC configurations as it can, which is a testament to the programming prowess of the coders.... if they were coding for one hardware model, then I dare say the Amiga emulation would progress further.

As it stands, I doubt that XBox will even be a commercial concern in the next two years........ and the sad thing is.... people are wanting SNES, AMIGA, N64 games on the XBox does the Microsoft no favours..... it tells me that the games that are being released for XBox aren't holding peoples attention!
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