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Originally Posted by Dan Locke View Post
Put simply, the Amgia had bad games because the Amiga had bad developers. Look at this to see what I mean:

In other words, the European developers didn't treat games like games; they treated them like cheap, almost disposable commodities to be sold for a quick buck. Compare them to the American and Japanese console developers, who knew that a well-made game would sell for longer than a month, and accordingly put much more effort into making their games fun and good-looking. On the Amiga, you have gobs of ugly Atari ST ports full of cheap deaths; on the consoles (especially the Genesis), the games are of a much higher quality (even Bubsy the Bobcat, which is pretty terrible for a console game, is better than 80% of the Amiga's platformer library).

Shame, really. It's especially telling that I have far more Genesis and SNES games on my computer than Amiga games, despite the fact that the Amiga had more games developed for it.
Developing for Genesis and SNES was infinetly more expensive than developing for Amiga. For a start, publishers had to pay Sega and Nintendo in advance for cartridges to be made, so they had significantly bigger investments right from the off.

Had the Americans embraced their own machine, I think things would have been a lot different. For a patriotic lot, they sure loved the Japanese stuff!

It wasn't just because a game only sold 100,000 copies either, game development on Amiga was quicker, therefore the shelflife of a game was kinda determined on what was next around the corner to be released.

Clearly if you think Bubsy is better than most Amiga platformers, you really haven't seen most Amiga platformers.

Yes the Amiga had bad developers, but the SNES and Genesis were not exactly brimming with greatness at times, but agreed, Tiertex on the Amiga would never have been allowed to get away with the same shit on Genesis or SNES.

Generally the specific Amiga titles are incredibly strong, and I think you need to broaden your Amiga games horizons.

Try looking through HOL and selecting the option of Amiga Original, theres a world out there buddy
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