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Well I guess my $.02 worth aint much but here it goes:

I grew up with CP/M, very cool disk based OS, remember the Kaypro's and Osbourne's anyone

Also messed around at school with the Trash 80's, also a neet micro for it's time. Never really got to mess with the Apple's at all

Then messed with the CBM machines and the Vic20/C64 and the built-in basic was so easy to learn

Then went into the military and cut my teeth on Mini-Comps running Fortran-77 from these massive CDC floor standing hard drive units. Also had the Huge reel-reel tape drives for backups and control from terminal keyboard/monitors. Now these beasts controlled flight simulators, the real ones with full motion and video displays not the micro computer games we see even today

What's the point here, well all of this was CLI based and not a GUI in site. It's the best way to learn about computer technology IMO and not with a GUI. It's like when you first learn to drive a car, you should learn on a stick so that if you ever have to drive one you know how
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