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Originally Posted by gulliver View Post
I updated the Boing Bag #3 according to previous posts and new information...
Icon.library 46.4a - Icon/Copy takes ICONCTRLA_SetGlobalMaxNameLength into account now, plus many fixes, no more memory leaks using Deficons tool etc. IconBeFast functionality. A fix for this is in ......
Thanks for this update, but I hope you've really verified that my alpha version works without obvious bugs, because I didn't get any feedback yet. It never made any problems on my WinUAE system, but I don't know how it behaves on real Amigas and with other hardware and software configurations.

Btw, I tried to assemble a complete new utility.library for you and I already have one that's working so far, but it's still not 100% rewritten from scratch to make it opensource and I guess putting the utility.library into the ROM could have the disadvantage that their routines are not executed out of FastMem or some equivalent fast memory areas anymore resulting in a performance loss compared to the TagLiFE patch. That makes no sence and would only waste some space in your ROM.
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