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Minimig Game Compatibility

Just out of curiosity, does anyone know (or any minimig owners know) why one game on a minimig will work perfectly and other games arn't so perfect like Flimbos Quest (see pic below)

Now I know that Minimig isn't 100% compatible with all Amiga games, I knew this before I purchased it and lets be honest, it's not a real Amiga.
I'm just curious as to 'why' exactly would one game be different from another if the minimig is coded to play all Amiga Software.
It seems that the minimig (for example Flimbo's Quest) may have parallax scrolling problems although Jim Power is parallax scrolling too right? and runs perfectly.
Has the minimig got missing graphics chips that the Amiga has, or is the minimig firmware missing some graphic codes?
I should imagine that its a very difficult thing to code for minimig and I'm not faulting the work that has been achieved, Minimig is an amazing little project

I made a task for myself to try and replicate flimbo's quest small graphics glitch with WinUAE, I tried so many combinations but couldn't succeed in replicating it, seems that WinUAE is coded too well

I find it all very interesting

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