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Originally Posted by PeterK View Post
Hi Doobrey !!

> Is this the 45.5 I did for Ratte's A1000, or did you do a version as well?

Sorry, I'm a little confused now about who the author of v45.5 really is
Sorry, I´m a little bit late.
I havent seen this thread before.

There is something to clearify about 45.5 of icon.library.
Many people knew the A1000 booting a OS3.9-kick movie.

Mike did the icon45.4 where 45.5 is based on.

Doobrey made the hard work: made it romable and replaced to 020+ opcodes by 68000 compatible code.
I finally did the cosmetic changes with the OS3.1 conform icon-presettings.
Than we bumped it up to 45.5.

I never said that it is done by myself.
There are some old postings on where you can read the history about os3.9 on A1000 and icon45.4 and how it came to 45.5.

Doobreys work on 45.5:

my hands on icon 45.5:

(Now I understand, why Doobrey asked for a copy of our mails from 2006 regarding icon.lib ...)
On some pages on the "Making of Kick3.9 - A1000" is written down.
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