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Great project Óscar, hope you reach it until the end.. and don´t forget to give us some information and pictures of your work.
12 years ago I also had a project of automation but smaller:
I had an A600 that was used to every day read the water level inside a tank and if level was too low it used to start a underground water pump inside of a well to fill the tank with water, then it used to start another water pump that used the water inside the tank to sprinkle some fruit trees in a farm while keep measuring the water level.
The A600 did this job during 2 years until a bolt fell on the farm during a storm and fried my A600 parallel port that used to read the water level This happened because I don´t used a photo-copulator in parallel port
I also had a 1200 that used to change my radio channels in another room through an infra-red device
yet I still have those 2 automation devices made by me and the program to first device too. If someone wants it..

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