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Put simply, the Amgia had bad games because the Amiga had bad developers. Look at this to see what I mean:

Originally Posted by Bob Lindstron
In the hit-driven European marketplace, a game for the popular Commodore Amiga or Atari ST computer may sell 100,000 copies during its first month of release; "then it will be dead," says [Chris] Roberts. As a result, European designers favor arcade games that are fast to create and provide the maximum in "quick, instant gratification."
In other words, the European developers didn't treat games like games; they treated them like cheap, almost disposable commodities to be sold for a quick buck. Compare them to the American and Japanese console developers, who knew that a well-made game would sell for longer than a month, and accordingly put much more effort into making their games fun and good-looking. On the Amiga, you have gobs of ugly Atari ST ports full of cheap deaths; on the consoles (especially the Genesis), the games are of a much higher quality (even Bubsy the Bobcat, which is pretty terrible for a console game, is better than 80% of the Amiga's platformer library).

Shame, really. It's especially telling that I have far more Genesis and SNES games on my computer than Amiga games, despite the fact that the Amiga had more games developed for it.

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