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To lend andreas a bit of credit, I think he doesn't mean us EABers or forum-users in general, but internet-junkies. I think anyone is free to spend a big chunk of their spare time on the internet if they're into an internet phenomenon at the moment.

But it's true I think that when you "can't wait to see progress on this and that/what someone wrote in response, and can't go away on a trip because you'll miss a lot of Facebook/eBay/forum action or have to be reachable at all times, or can't miss a thing out of fear to lag behind", then you're a junkie and the "phenomenon" is using you rather than you using it.

Doesn't have to be internet as I said, it could be soap operas, hockey results on text-tv, horse racing in newspapers, not being able to live without the mobile phone on at all times... THEN I would agree you need to put in some off time or a second interest.
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