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Just been catching up with this thread.

Originally Posted by andreas
Well, reading all this stuff makes me think this whole crowd is composed from lots of lone wolves and hermits (or recluses, if you wish)

Well, as psychologists would put it, the Internet has become a sort of "second world" for these people, since it preserves both their anonymity and their "weirdness". Many artists (painters in particular, as well as composers) are of the same kind - lots of extremely weird people amongst them.
As I found out, the Internet has also become a sort of 'catch basin' for ADD/ADHD/Asperger people. (If you don't know what that is, don't bother.)
So, according to you, we're all recluses, hermits and sufferers from attention deficit disorders?

Oh and just for good measure you criticise TheCyberDruid for being on here a lot even though what he does when he's on here a lot is spend almost all his time helping other people?

Errr... forgive me for disagreeing but it seems clear that basically you talk a load of old shite!

Way to make yourself popular Andreas...
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