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Maybe also helpful for these kind of projects, try to locate these files on EAB File Server or elsewhere:

- CD32-MegaGames1.7z (309MB)
- CD32-MegaGames1-Sourcecode.7z (434 KB)

You can learn a lot there how to get maximum out of a CD32 (stand-alone or with extra RAM, how to use an (if existing) external diskdrive as Nonvolatile Memory extension, how to boot WB, etc.).

Many tricks are hidden/used on this CD32 CD, it can even boot itself on a A1200 or A4000 via a temporary RAD, study and learn...

This removes the anim... (see Menu.S in sources)

	[...] more happes here in Menu.S
	move.l	$4.w,a6
	lea	freeanimname(pc),a1
	moveq	#40,d0
	jsr	_LVOOpenLibrary(a6)
	move.l	d0,a1
	tst.l	d0
	beq.b	.skip_free
	jsr	_LVOCloseLibrary(a6)
	[...] more happes here in Menu.S
	moveq	#0,d0
	dc.b	"freeanim.library",0
Find attached source (AsmONE) and executable (84 bytes), ready to run on any system, has effect only on CD32 with playing anim.

Hint: You can do many (non-graphic/non-audio) things in startup-sequence first with the anim still playing, no need to call freeanim as first command...
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