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Thanks alexh!

That was exactly what I was searching for; a transparent way to replace the mouse, without special drivers for the touchscreen. This way, I can use the touchscreen to play those old RPG/strategy games, use the home automation application, and even Workbench if needs be.

I'm building a very nice home automation project, from scratch, hardware and software. My goal is for the system to be open, expandable, flexible, dependable, nimble and cheap. A system everyone can install, democratizing (real) home automation. A bit like the Amiga spirit was back in the days!

I'm designing a very simple (and cheap) hardware (based on microcontrollers), but you can (at any time) change the hardware up to industrial grade I/O modules.

In terms of software, my system is very "graphic", intuitive, quick and very low on dependencies, trivial to install and migrate, and very flexible in terms of development (for customizing it for each deployment).

Then there will be some "extensions" to the system, like a winery with RGB LEDs on each bottle slot and an accompaning database, a retrogaming arcade machine, a housekeeping robot (floor vaccum and wash, grass, ...), a very special "immersion" room (with a bunch of TVs on walls/floor/ceiling that simulate a real 3D world, for games and environment), etc.

The retrogaming machine will be integrated into a table or something, where you can play MAME and Amiga games in a big-ish screen, with 4 controllers. I'm thinking of using a Linux machine, with MAME and UAE. At least in my home, I'd like the Amiga part to be a real Amiga with WHDload and the touchscreen mentioned in this topic.

If you guys are interested in this home automation thing, I can post more information (and maybe even some 3D modeled pics of the room).

Many thanks for your help on the Amiga front!
Óscar Sarabando
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