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Originally Posted by andreas View Post
Hehe, I DID expect this reaction, "in all honesty". You don't have to tell me, do you? But one is at least allowed to express one's own impressions, eh!?

Beside that, whatever I post, and at what time; the direct reply is almost always coming from YOU. Maybe it's just that: I'd really wish to have a little more diversity in the thing, instead of having ANY post replied by you just because you're there almost 24/7 (even at 4 o'clock in the morning, according to my observations; yes I AM very beady-eyed).

Wondering whether this could not already be called "abnormal" is just a consequence of common sense (obviously).
I think calling somebody "abnormal" and posting a personal attack in this manner - as well as deciding most EAB members are weirdos - is completely uncalled for so I suggest you stop.
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