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While on the whole i would say that people can be somewhat predictable in what they choose is their lifestyle and how they go about stuff etc, i wouldn't say it's altogether smart to apply this to every situation.Certainly regarding forums, an assumption made here could really only apply generally.Of course some people do enjoy a side to forums for reasons outside their real life existance - a chance to be who they might actually want to be - and for many others, it's just a fun way to hang out with hopefully genuine types and talk about the good old days

I enjoy being on here almost every day and although my interaction is limited, i'm sometimes here for a while reading and occasionally commenting.I am certainly less social than most people in the real world and in this sense could quite possible fit into the category of the typical type that has been suggested to live on sites like this

I enjoy reading and returning comments and it serves well in making me glad to talk about a subject i enjoy.It feels nice sometimes to have helped maybe or to have talked in agreeance with a fellow Amiga fan say, or even argued - not all that different though from if i was to do this outside a forum, but lets face it, this situation doesn't really present itself these days so this is how we do it

I have good confidence in myself and being on this forum only fuels a desire to feel something i cannot get elsewhere ie Amiga chat - it's the only reason i like to log onto eab.I think there will be a lot of people that enjoy forums for this very reason maybe even to the point that they enjoy it 24/7.It's only obvious i think that some people will of course feel much safer in this type of enviroment too but it's also not all that obvious exactly who that person may be on some basis

For the whole though i don't think the majority here will fall into the category suggested
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