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Originally Posted by Dastardly View Post
I'm not sure if this is in reply to my post, so I apologise if not, but I was talking only about platformers.

Yeah i got carried away there didn't i

Now I would say that Croc is equally as BAD as Mario64. I really dislike all the 3D Mario games I have played because all of the great control features that I love are lost in the translation to 3D. I'm not a '2D or nothing' freak, but I really don't think platformers (as I see them) work well in 3D.
I got a bit carried away and mentioned all genres when in fact the thread is just platformers

Yeah 3d platformers don't seem to work as well half the time but Mario despite quibbles with camera and once of course you truly master it, is an endless playground - the sequels i found to be quite lacking though.Very few games you can mess around in for hours upon hours like you can in Mario 64
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