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Just smile and say you have an Amiga because you like it. And you have a PC too because they're useful.

And if they happen to mention their car/stereo/home theatre/PC a lot, be sure to catch them on it Maybe then they realize they spend quite a lot of time with them.

And if they're a family staring at the TV and don't allow you to have a chat while Talk Show X is on (SSH!), tell them that they are antisocial geeks who spend all their free time staring at a screen Especially if they just spent 1000€ on a new widescreen TV and have 40 TV channels and a TiVo and follow the plots of 5 TV-series and talk about how this was better than that in *-ican Idol... NERDS!!! hehe

But one-way TV is 'normal', right? And people communicating on forums are 'weirdos', right?

Ofc, doesn't hurt to have friends that don't share your special interest too, though. And Internet addiction is as harmful as TV addiction, UNLESS you "use" internet or TV and not just waste time in front of it. Like I use it in a good way now, IMO. A lot of interesting people and opinions here.

BUT: that can be pretty hard, depending on if you live in a big city or not, since many "don't bother with you" when they hear what you love. With a result of either mobbing or a pat on the head, there's not many options left but to stop caring about them, like they stopped caring about you because of your interest.

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