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Originally Posted by andreas View Post
wondered how you can have a job AND even post so much each freaking day?
Easy. Surfing on the job. I don't do it but I know a lot of friends who do

To analyze further,

1) some people get fascinated by stuff (addictive personality) - it could be cars, sports, or games or collecting stuff or computers. If it's a "popular" special interest, it's normally OK, even though modern pro/semipro gamers also have trouble fitting in, and gaming is popular. And it's not a new phenomenon that car freaks can get served a divorce if they spend all free time in the garage. Or sports-nerds blocking the TV 24/7 (but extra TVs are cheap )

Those who don't seem to have a hard time accepting the special interest at all. A "normal" life without ever "getting into" anything, that's perfectly fine with me if others like that more. But it's sad that the normal life people don't accept other interests and shut people out.

Then again, you can shut yourself out a little, for example, "I was an ectomologist, but now I will only collect a specific kind of butterfly from the Amazon and know all about it and only talk to people that know all about it"

Or, what the hell, code assembler. Nobody else would know wth you were talking about or why you like it.

2) If you're "shut out", you either feel miserable because you need the social bit (weak personality, "seeking confirmation in others"), only a few strong personalities (feels confident in themselves, can occupy themselves, don't mind or even prefer solitude) can take it. And after a long time of shut-out, even the toughest guys lose some self-confidence. So we all have a need to get appreciated, I think.

These 2 points together is the cause of a lot of misery.

Socializing on special interest "forums of any kind" (clubs, internet...) is a good way to remedy it a little. But if only we had teleporters so anyone could actually GO to any "sharer of the phenomenon" in the world!

Hell, I'd love it if a good scener/Amiga friend moved in with me! We'd muck around with stuff we love, talk crap, play multiplayer and end up fistfighting (and before the gay references start: and go to the gym together, and pump each other... (c) Fletch)

OK, maybe move in next door or visit for a long-ish spell... but anyway Both for the Home Computer Days, LAN times and previous neighbors they have been the absolutely best times of my life \o/

But now we're few and far between (each other), and many "tied down" (as they say) by girlfriends/boyfriends/family. (And the same 'normal life' thing again... what would many wives say about 'the weird guy from <country> coming to stay for two weeks'? Nicht Akzeptabel!!!

Skype+bluetooth is a good middle ground also. Then you could have offtopic conversations and do misc stuff without being shackled to a PC. You couldn't go to the gym together and pump each other tho

Do Stuff Together (tm). Best thing evah

Edit: If you like me for some reason, PM me and you can have my Skype addy... I don't mind practicing my English and German, hehe

Next demoparty for me is Kindergarden 2009 in Norway, grab me if you're going

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