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TCD has the skills to pay the bills (and post whore all day on EAB and irc)

Myself, none of my friends understand my amiga/retro passion and so I dont bring it up much unless they ask. Sometimes they are curious, sometimes they mock me for it, other times they will ask questions about old games they remember to see if I can help them identify it etc.. Even though a few of them had amigas or c64s back in the day they would much rather come over and mess around on a new PC game I have or one of the next gen consoles than fire up an amiga game. I did get a sweet speedball2 tournament type thing happening a while back with a group of them though. I have explained to them its just a hobby like any other and they understand that at least.

I joined an amiga club last year thanks to Calgor so hopefully we can have some more IRL gaming sessions there.
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