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Wow, one line about the topic in that lengthy post.
Yes, I'm sorry, but I was just shocked about so many loners on here, giving me some (maybe too much?) insight of what they would they be without web sites like this! And since I'm really deeply interested in psychology (of people, mainly), I just had to summarize some of my observations I made through the years.

And yes, I *DO* read posts quite selective.
What a comparison is that anyway, Mr. World Record EAB Poster!

As we are at these matters, I've always - in all honesty - wondered how you can have a job AND even post so much each freaking day?
As facts are that my boss would frequently ask me something, coming near at my desk - would you imagine I could permanently stay on an Amiga forum whenever he gazes on my screen? Naw.
You seem to be an awfully lucky guy. Or - hang on - be lucky to do all your work from home office.
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