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Thing is there is a lot of rubbish on Snes as well but can you honestly find something comparable to Zelda, Contra3, Castlevania4, Parodius, Actraiser, Cybernator, Mystical Ninjas, Secret of Mana, Donkey Kong Country? come on surely not

I had this same argument once before with a guy that reckoned Croc on PS1 to be just as good as Super Mario64 and that's absurd.It was clearly either his preference talking or that perhaps just looking at both titles does indeed show them to be seemingly the same

For me the Amiga wins hats down when it comes to the machine i love to game on most but really it's the only way you can apply this sort of opinion here - generally it was only the Amiga's own games that showed who was boss.Just about all games that were converted to Snes/Megadrive were fairly dire i thought and no subsitute for the real thing

I love just about all Amiga games as there is something very special in how they feel compared to that console feel, but despite these perfectly charming and playable games, Amiga's best shooters and platformers aren't the best examples of the genre - that's not to say it couldn't have produced them though

Personally i prefer playing lots of Amiga games over console ones and that's just because.But my preference for them doesn't blind me

Apidya for example is probably my fave shooter of all time but it's definitely not the best shooter out there of the 16bits, rather it suits my tastes

Opinion is fine i think so long as preference is also considered in this equation, otherwise i don't think it should apply.Something like this is more factual if actual game mechanics are taken into account.That leaves a person to their own personal opinion of course.You could make it even more crazy and say the doodle i just drew say, is in fact better than the Mona Lisa, and you wouldn't be wrong for having this opinion.You would however be laughed at

I mean some people's opinions are that Body Blows for example is better than something you will find on Console.And does that make that person wrong?.How might someone suggest that such an opinion when looked at in such a way to expose weakness of design or a simple lack of depth, is in fact fueled more likely by their preference more than anything

Can't say a person is wrong or right for what they consider the best of something but when all is considered, you can say their opinion might not be a great one

Most games look like they play the same from a glance - most fps for example are typically the same it seems - and i'd tend to agree that to be the case with a lot of Snes games.The best ones however don't have Amiga equals in the same way Snes and Megadrive games also couldn't match the best of what Amiga did so well

Amiga's best platformers matched up well enough though and even better in a few cases than the majority of Snes ones, i will say that - just not the very best of Snes
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