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Hi chiark, and thanks for the feedback!
(Next time I'll try to post in 'Amiga scene', since the reactions on here are always too sparse! )

Uhm, seemingly you've lost me ... what do you mean by "full expansion tools"?
I nicked DMS support *from* xdms, and even removed all the readdisk stuff, since my tool is mainly made for error-checking, and this does not require unpacking single files from a DMS at all.

You seem to think of an alternative to ADFOpus, don't you?
Well, the basic idea is good, but first I need to think of a GUI. I've looked thru some GPL'd ones, but most of them are for C++ and I am actually NOT going to implement a clumsy "C tool implements C++ GUI via a sort of 'IDL'" solution. Count me out.

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