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Hmm guess I dont do serious computing then. All the engineering applications that I have used over the last 10+ years that DONT EXIST ON THE MAC AND NEVER WILL must not be serious enough for anybody to even consider. The data aquisition systems that run off of windows must be trash too then, hell if its not made by apple it must be shit.

The point I was making before is that if you want to run legacy hardware with your new hardware and legacy apps with your new apps and have 1000+ companies making hardware and software for your OS expect some problems to happen.

OSX doesnt run everything that ran on classic macos and it sure as hell doesnt support most of the old macos hardware. And the old MACos crashed alot too even with the limited amount of hardware and software available for it.

You cant have it both ways, either limit what hardware and software that can be used or live with bugs and being able to use legacy hardware and software. And basically use the hardware/software that lets you get your specific needs done.. that is often the limiting factor in this world.
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