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Apple lost all the sympathy I had for it when they started not putting floppy drives into their machines anymore - what a bunch of fools

PCs aren't that bad. The business practice to allow different manufacturers was (and still is) the source for its success - and any system will have a hard time competing with that.

As for OSes, MS-DOS is indeed quite good. I 'grew up' on Amiga, MS-DOS and Unix parallel, so I'm used to all of them. And as much as I love GUIs, what I definitely consider a bad OS is something which doesn't give the user the opportunity to work with command lines and have full control over everything! That is exactly what big M did with Windows: make it suitable for idiots (that might be positive), but at the same time take all basic control away from the advanced user. The biggest sin one can commit!

As for Amiga having a chance to re-establish itself - I seriously doubt it, as much as I'd love to see it It would only have a slim chance if it was released with great desktop apps (to balance out the lack of third-party software) and had some huge and established distributor who'd completely switch to Amiga. Which is..... impossible.....
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