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Originally Posted by Dastardly View Post
I have to agree with you there The 'Nintendo generation' do seem to think that everything else is inferior.


Hmm yeah it wasn't all good on Snes that's for sure but it generally had the best in each particular genre along with Megadrive - Amiga had it's own set of brilliant games that just wouldn't have suited console and i wouldn't have missed those gems for anything

All of these machines had great games on them so i'm glad i didn't miss the best from all the 16bits

Mario was and still is the best example of 2d platform perfection though

A lot of stuff on Amiga like Super Frog is comparable to a lot of stuff on Snes in that these games while not bad, don't really excell.The best of platform games on the Snes however, these are the ones that justify such a high opinion from people.As for people that show little appreciation towards Amiga, well that's just ignorant

Amiga kicks arse in other areas and also has some nice platformers of it's own - not better than Snes best but charming and decent to play

It's also worth pointing out how fantastic Amiga looks hooked up RGB to a crt compared to how very low res Snes looks for example.A 14" is incredibly crisp

So anyway, opinion yes of course with Mario, but it's so finely tuned concerning it's movement physics that it's hard to understand why it would get any criticism at all
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