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Lightwave has matured nicely on PC and many use it for professional work. Max is the most popular one for game 3D. Maya is capable and resonably easy to learn, but expensive. Many movie studios use Maya due to motion tracking tools, dynamics, etc.

But there are at least another half dozen big 3D apps that are used, and many professionals use more than one in conjunction, such as Zbrush->Maya->Pixar renderer to achieve the desired high spec result.

There's no reason a 3D app couldn't be as powerful on a Commodore Amiga, if the project specs are modest. The limitation is in dynamics, animation, size of scenes (in the editor), and rendering time. For movie work, the rendering is often distributed to a render park that could be in another part of the world; as long as they take an Amiga format there's no reason an Amiga couldn't be used for much of the non-professional work and a little of the professional work even today.

There's nothing "magic" in modern FPUs vs Motorola FPUs, they're just hundreds of times faster.

But I would imagine there would be quite a few features missing in the latest Amiga software that are taken for granted now. Well, devs leaving a platform certainly is no argument that it would impossible or even difficult to implement on Amiga (but see limitations above).
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