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Hi, I am back!

For all you that are reading this I should warn that english is not my
natural language. Well, be warneeed... I had much trouble in the past with this. I dont want flaming or discussions.
Hi, many years ago I accessed this board but I lost my net access. So long I didnt posted again to any board, even Amiga things and not even had email. That was bad, because Toni needed a debug log of my WinUAE copy, for a rare strange problem relating the copper. Sorry the UAE guys and (why not?) all the community for this.
Does much time that I dont have a Amiga machine (I had an A2000 and later an A500) and I use WinUAE to relive this joy that was using this machine. WinUAE is a magic program, very well done. The thing I like most is the AGA support (I never had an AGA machine, poor...) I have read the source code of WinUAE in the hope to understand something, but was impossible because an emulator is a so wolderful work, thats it is a work of art, and only its authors understand their art. My dream someday is to create an emulator/virtual machine but for technical reasons I cannot do it now. I other words, I know nothing about creating emulators. Its even like a miracle that I know a bit of programming! Oh my god... Thats bad!

Thanks for the opportunity, guys!
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