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OK, where is the poll?[/poll whore mode off]

Let's see... Forgive me if my memory is not as good as my ├╝ber-freaked A1200 (asterisk is systems I have today, not the same units I had back in the day):

-Atari 2600 (the only one I consider for that brand!)*
-ZX81 clone (NEZ8000, just 1kb RAM)
-Sega Master System*
-boring XT & 286
-386sx (work! not used to play games)
-486 (diddle, but gaming a bit)
-5x86 (gaming...)
-lots of Pentium machines, from MMX to P4

Now I'm on a time of the life that I grab what really makes me happy: Amiga computers! So now it's time to:

A500 (x4), two for spares...
A600 (never had one myself before, lovely WHDLoad machine!)
A1200 (x2), one vanilla, one loaded (day to day user computer)
A2000 (x2) one is my pride and joy! Other is spare parts.
A4000D (awaiting restoring, motherboard destroyed before reach my hands)
AROS "live" under XP/Amithlon dual boot P4 computer (count as Amiga?)

Some time in the future I'll grab A1k, A3k & 4kT to settle my hunger for Amiga computers. Nah!
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