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I hate potatos and shirts
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I'm keeping priesting to the atheists. I have a few friends who have Amigas or other retro computers (mostly MSX units).

Most of my friends mocks me about that obsolete computer(!!!) I insist to use.

Some involved with music or DJ-ing be interested, from time to time.

@Cammy & ASM1: be different is not a bad thing, ever. I love to meet to you guys (and gal) in real life.

I'm an alcohol consumer (not an addict) and over-to-average cooker, ex-musician (Carpal tunnel got me), ex a-lot-of-things (but transvestite! Lost the hope, pervs! I'm straight). Be on Amiga since 1989 but with a "blackout" of nine years at the Commodore's~?AT's demise (1997).

Oh, I grab myself a second-used Amiga girlfriend (a real life friend of mine use to be Paula's boyfriend!). Funny how life is.

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