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I know. "Dpaint circles are ovals, and that's how it should be on PAL". Sort of

But 1081 and 1084 are American-made monitors and so have a 4:3 tube (270x203mm), since 320x240 was kind of a standard for home computers like C64, and also for VGA later. (Ie. not really made for NTSC-Amigas' 320x200...)

HOWEVER, LCD pixels are always square, and if you leave this square pixels standard, scaling chips will (I almost wrote 'might' but that would be tainting the truth) muck things up. Most modern screens are 1280x1024, and so 640x512 will give a 2:1 resize on them. Now, if you find a 1024x768 or 800x600 LCD with a GOOD scaling chip I might be enticed to "see how it looks".

But I'm afraid I'm in the square pixels camp, even if I don't mind pillow-shaped pixels (320x256 on 4:3) on TVs at all. So my preferred setting on my 1081 is square pixels; PAL games look all right and NTSC "320x200-adjusted" games like Zany Golf don't look too squeezed. 8x8 hires fonts have the correct proportions, the full horizontal overscan isn't hidden behind the plastic frame, etc. Etc.

Thanks for the link, I must say it looks like a candidate for an A1200 Portable About the same heavy weight as an LCD TV (3.7kg) but 25mm thinner. What inside those so called flat screens is "sticking out", anyway!??!

And you're right about "not knowing how it will look", although I'm not sure what you mean by "all of the Amiga signal". A little border left and right, and a few pixels shaved off at the bottom is okay by me, IF what you DO see looks good.

If there are some LCD TVs dealers near me, I'll bring my MiniMig there and see how they work. It's too bad that so few (zero?) VGA LCDs cope with 320x256 in a decent manner, but at least for LCD TVs there's a flicker of a chance that it will display RGB PAL with acceptable artifacts.
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