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Originally posted by Unknown_K
I also think that is the same reason Amiga and mac fans hate the pc.. they just didnt grow up using one and dont use it enough to learn it (thats the reason I dont bother with linux)
Nice points, but Un-Known, you assume that the reason us Mac/Amigans dislike the PC is the fact we did not grow up on comps. using MS DOS? Poorly arrived at assumption.
Why poor?
First, pure MS DOS is very stable, and fast. If GUI types like me (The vast majority of computer users) learned To use MS DOS we'd love it. But the fact is, Windows is GUI, and most of us never bother with command line. So we deal with the garbage from Redmond all the time. Once in a while we'll go into DOS for maintenence or some task. But 99 % of the time, we'll use the GUI. XP is an improvement over the DOS kernel Windows of old, and has some DOS implementation to get behind the screen, but it further takes us away from command line.
No, the reason I am not happy with Windows, and I speak only for me here, is the poor quality it is when the company that puts it out killed many good software houses. It is the biggest IT related company on earth, and their product still farts ass.
I expect more. I get less.
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