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Idea: "Complete List of Commodore Amiga Screen Modes". Unless it's already been done? I guess it shouldn't take that long with an A4000T and WB 3.1... or maybe it's in a file somewhere in the OS, haven't looked...

Still, the holy grail must be a screen that does the 320x256 PAL mode well for games, too. Those who don't mind the stretching of the BenQ should be sorted, the scaling seems to be okay then.

If there was a BenQ of the same series (down to 15KHz 50 Hz) but 5:4, that would be mucho interesting!

But it's looking more and more like an LCD TV for me, of only one could know which ones are good. The Joytech 8" is a truly wonderful screen, it's awesome with whatever I throw at it, wish they made bigger ones that had the same fine qualities
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