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The amiga was probably the longest "serving" out of my history looking back. In terms of ownership from "new" with exceptions for my retro collection the family tree is as follows, oldest to newest:

ZX Spectrum 48k (technically my mums!)
Amiga 500+
Sega Game Gear
Sega MegaDrive/Sega MegaCD
Olivetti Pentium 75Mhz
IBM Desktop 233Mhz
Nintendo 64
AMD Athlon custom desktop 1GHz
Sega Dreamcast
AMD Athlon XP 2000
Xbox Original
HP Pavilion Athlon64
Xbox 360

Then I have a loft full of collected stuff Sega Master Systems, Commodore 128, C64, Commodore Plus/4, Neo Geo Pockets, Gameboy and GBAs, Neo Geo AES, SNESs and NESs other spectrums and playstation 1s and a 2.
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