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Sometimes CLI's are faster and easier to use than GUIs - usually when you know what command to use, the arguments, etc. I think most experienced programmers use CLIs far more than GUIs (which also are more resource hogging on most systems)
The AmigaDos CLI is good, but for scripting abilities I doubt that there is anything more powerful/flexible than the UNIX shell environments (although they're definately NOT user friendly).

Amiga in 1985:

* Hardware
* Operating System
* Price

* Software support
* Hardware support
* Userbase

Sadly, not many people needed the Amigas hardware capabilities in 1985. They wanted a machine at home that did exactly what they did at work. Usually an IBM compatible

The Amiga was ahead in terms of its hardware capabilities and its operating system but had to start from scratch in terms of software support and a userbase. I think for a new computer today to stand a good chance at competing well against (or eventually overtaking?) PCs/Macs it would have to have groundbreaking hardware capabilities AND immediate software support including applications that are 100% compatible with the top apps today in popular fields (Networking / Word proc / Multimedia / Accounting / etc...). That would probably mean licencing the software from companies like Microsoft who would have no interest in a new platform.


Amiga in 2005 ?

If the hardware really offered more than exists now at a much lower price (along with a stable OS) it could still be a viable alternative to the PCs/Macs. But the hardware would have to be designed with a new usage in mind (like 'Multimedia' capabilities in 1985).

How about *Actual* 3D graphical displays?

Imagine a LCD/Plasma screen the width of a piece of paper where every non-used pixel was transparent. The imagine many layers of these directly behind each other. If any pixel could be controlled on any layer then you could create a real 3 dimensional image. With colours and pixel resolutions as good as they are now could this be the next direction to take to further improve graphics?

Haha. I can just imagine the confusion of some people trying to move the mouse pointer around in a 3d environment. Perhaps we will have to use the old Nintendo 'Power Gloves' to select Icons?

Anyway, don't say an alternative to the PC/Mac can't be done. What if the original Amiga team had thought like that and just made a Windows-like OS for 8086 PCs?

I would like to go into an electronics shop in the future and see a selection of different hardware platforms created with different ideas and styles like the 8-bit days.
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