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Touchscreen on the Amiga

Hi people!

I'm in the process of aquiring some "new" Amigas (A1200 and A4000) for retrogaming and to serve as a front-end to my home automation project (I'll be porting my client application to AmigaOS 3 and 4).

But I need to have touchscreen. Preferably, something that will work on AmigaOS 3.x (for the home automation app) and while playing games via WHDLoad (I sooooo want to play Eye of the Beholder, K240, etc, with touchscreen.... ).

Is there anything on the market I can use, like a serial touchscreen or a touch sensor you put on top of an LCD? If not, I have some electronics knowledge, it shouldn't be too hard to convert a serial touchcreen data to Amiga-style mouse input... any ideas?

I know this is probably trivial to do via emulation, but my goal was to have a real Amiga doing the honours... the Amiga had a big impact on my life, and by making it a part of my house I guess I want to perpetuate that feeling...

Óscar Sarabando
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