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Originally Posted by Cammy View Post
It looks better than an EeePC in my opinion. The A1600 could end up being the first netbook to come with Aros preinstalled. We are working on native drivers for the internal chipset and bug testing at the moment, so with a little luck and a rich investor, we might finally have a commercially available Amiga laptop.

My little red one is just the prototype, we still have to come up with a badge for it, and a brand name. Anyone got any suggestions for an Amiga-ish sounding name we could give to a run of new Aros-powered computerss, starting with the 1600Mhz A1600?

We could be selling these things for much less than any netbook available in the shops, you have no idea how much extra you're paying for your brand name and Windows license. Possibly around $300US, plus postage, and they'll come in white, black, red, yellow and metallic pink.
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Well, I know how I'm spending my downtime at work - looking up Aros info... I'm rocking an acer Aspire One so perhaps Aros might be the way to go. Assuming it's not hard to recompile for it...

I take it Aros is great for Amiga development, what with the whole source compatibility.
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