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Originally posted by Shatterhand

Did u ever managed to make a hole-in-one in sensi golf???
I'm disappointed to play a tournament and not get one...

Talking about Sensible golf, anyone ever played the PC version?

That shit got be a joke of Sensible Software. I bet they released the PC version and laughed at PC users, it sux BAD. SWOS was already bad enough, but Sensi Golf is just pure crap. The ball physicis is HORRIBLE.
Absolutely, Shatterhand. I could not agree more. The thing looks similar, but... ugh. It plays terribly. It matters not whether you use a nine iron or a three wood - the ball acts in EXACTLY THE SAME WAY. Ridiculous. And the computer players can hit it further than you possibly can. Pah!

I also dislike PC Sensi. It is a pale imitation of the GREAT Amiga version.
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