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Hi Photon, et al.

But that screenshot with the fonts in a 4:3 mode... extremely bad filtering. Usually the trademark of Chinese lo-res screens. Redskull, this is on a G2420? A 1920x1080 panel? Can't believe it.

In the Swedish thread they made it seem like every single Amiga-resolution worked in 4:3, btw?

I'm looking at a G2220, which goes down to 24KHz. Any hope?[/quote]

I have a pretty shitty camera, time I upgraded...

Details from the box:
Name: G2420HD
Model: ET-0027-B
Mfr Date: July2009
s/n: ETM7915155SL0

I have checked and double checked:
15kHz screens will only display in 16:9
On screen menu option for "FULL"/"ASPECT" is stuck on "FULL" when in 15kHz modes.

31kHz modes allow "ASPECT" mode to be selected.


Pics should speak for themselves, unless I have gone to a great deal of trouble to create fakes

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